Project Description

La Mitjana

140 m2

6 people


Light · Harmony · Balance

Light Harmony Balance

About La Mitjana

Light, harmony and balance.

The central skylight is the protagonist of the project, providing natural light for La Mitjana, and creating a radiant and peaceful space.

The light wood walls reflect the afternoon light, while the roof protects us from the scorching sun. Inside, the warm air is released through the opening of the large window, thus creating a unique space in between what’s outdoors, and what’s indoors – a quality already part of all our projects.

The earth-toned interior creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere that invites you to stay indefinitely

In the evening, the starry sky peeks through the windows, and the full moon illuminates the house. This prefabricated wooden house is an oasis in the desert, a refuge for the soul and the senses that reminds us that, even in the most inhospitable places, there is always beauty and warmth to be discovered.

Passive construction

Built with local pine wood and bioclimatic architecture principles, taking advantage of nature’s resources and its environment, with a very high energy efficiency rating.

Structure and Facilities

Local pine wood structure formed by a combination of heavy timber framing and industrialized panels with wood fiber insulation inside.

The air conditioning system consists of aerothermal equipment with underfloor heating and cooling, supported by photovoltaic solar panels.

Indoor air quality is guaranteed by a ventilation system with double flow recuperator.

Rainwater recovery system built with a deposit for its reuse.

Biocompatible electrical facilities with low exposure to electromagnetic fields.


The exterior cladding is made of ecological insulating panels with high thermal and acoustic performance, plastered with lime mortar. The interior cladding consists of white pine wood planking with ecological and non-emissive natural water-based lasur protection for its inhabitants.

Wooden framing with double glazing, solar control + low emissivity and argon gas chamber.

Manufacture and assembly

The estimated manufacturing and assembly time is approximately 5 months, including the preparation of the technical documentation, industrialisation in the factory, assembly and finishings.

Images and plans

Plano casa de madera
Collage casa de madera

Request Budget

The price of the model may vary considerably depending on the features/performance, facilities and finishes chosen. It is recommended to consult with our technical department.

Request more information

If you are interested in La Mitjana or would like to make any possible changes to it, please contact us.

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