At Ekoiba we focus on the construction of healthy, sustainable and low-energy homes. We apply ecological, passive and bioclimatic construction techniques, using prefabricated light-framed timber systems and CLT as a differentiating brand element.

Our team of architects and designers specialises in timber construction and our design can be described as FRESH, IMPACTFUL AND ATEMPORAL.

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Catalogue homes
Customised homes

Ekoiba has a wide range of industrialised catalogue homes that can be customised according to the needs and preferences of each client.

In our catalogue you will find different types of homes, all of them designed to be built on plots with different characteristics and for any type of topography or environment.

If you have a plot and you can’t find the home you are looking for, tell us your needs and we will design a custom home for you…


Ecological and sustainable

Ecological and sustainable

Biopassive Homes

All our homes are designed according to the concepts of ecological, passive and bioclimatic construction, using wood as the main element.

At Ekoiba we pay special attention to the health of the people who live in our homes, avoiding the use of materials that are harmful and invasive to our health, such as solvents, paints and chemical products.

A bioclimatic home is considered the first step in the creation of a passive house and is designed in such a way that its inhabitants can benefit from the natural resources offered by their environment in terms of health, thermal comfort and energy savings.

To achieve this, a bioclimatic home must be designed under certain environmental parameters, such as climate, vegetation, orientation, solar gain, ventilation and other factors.

In addition, our constructions are committed to drastically reduce CO2 emissions, minimising the ecological footprint and the environmental impact on our planet.

This way you and your family can live in a truly ecological and sustainable home.

Construction with high technology

For the design of our prefabricated homes we use the most advanced BIM technology on the market, using 3D software that allows us to visualise each piece of the project as if it were a lego, manufacturing pieces with high precision.

This system allows us to build the envelope of the house in record time, transporting it to the site and assembling it on site in a very short period of time.

Once the structure and shell have been built on site, over the next few weeks we will continue with the final phase of construction, that is, the installations and finishes.

Integral and turn-key management

We offer a complete and personalised service for each project, from the initial concept of the home,
to the handover of the keys. You will be supported at all times by our technical team and you will have the possibility to customize every single element of your home; from the distribution, to the materiality or the lighting, to the installations and even the furniture.

At Ekoiba we build houses reducing the time between 50% and 75% compared to traditional construction.

You ask… and we make it happen!

Ekoiba’s working method is practical and efficient, so that you can build your house quickly and without any delays.

Why is wood the material of the 21st century?

Wood is one of the world’s oldest building materials, with excellent construction performance, high strength and versatility in form and aesthetics. It is an abundant, sustainable and renewable resource that helps us combat climate change and be more environmentally conscious.

A well-known advantage of wood is its good performance as an insulating material, which gives it excellent heat and sound insulating qualities with a high performance, as it is 6 times more efficient than brick, 15 times more efficient than concrete and 400 times more efficient than steel. In addition, the thermal properties of wood reduce energy consumption by moderating the thermal change from the inside to the outside.

Another important characteristic of wood is its good mechanical properties so that it can effectively respond to the various structural forces to which it will be subjected. Wood has high resistance in relation to its weight, great durability, and is flexible, with a degree of resilience, which means that it can “bend slightly”, return to its original condition or remain in its new state.

Wood also has excellent fire resistance due to its low thermal conductivity and its ability to form a carbonised surface layer, which allows it to maintain its physical and mechanical properties for longer than metal or concrete structures. Although wood and its derivatives are highly combustible, they will present considerable fire resistance depending on the design and construction details.

For timber construction, one of the most notable characteristics is the speed of the assembly and construction process. With the help of a pre-study, resources are optimised and time and money are saved.

It is also worth highlighting its qualities as an ecological, healthy and natural material. Designing environments with wood improves the quality of life and well-being thanks to its thermal and acoustic properties.

Committed to sustainability and forestry management

At Ekoiba each project is unique, and that is why we work with various energy efficiency certifications; such as Passivhaus, BREEAM, LEED and WELL. Also, all the wood we use in our buildings comes from responsibly managed forests with PEFC and FSC certifications.

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