I have a plot of land, can you build me a custom-made house according to my needs?2022-01-26T19:45:33+01:00

Of course, at Ekoiba we have catalogue homes but we also carry out 100% customised housing projects.

In this case, we recommend you to contact our technical department directly in order to study your needs and carry out an economic viability study.

How can I get a guide price for your homes?2022-01-26T19:50:03+01:00

On our budget website section there is an online calculator available which you can use to enter the basic details of your new home and get a guide price for your ideal house.

This is the first step in helping us understand your needs and, if you would like a definitive budget, you should contact us by submitting the form at the bottom of the page with the details of your home. In this way we will be able to arrange an appointment with you and our technical department to carry out your definitive economic viability study.

To give you a quick general idea of the cost of construction, you can estimate a minimum value of 1600€ per square meter of your home or 1800€ per square meter in the case of a Passivhaus certified home. This amount will depend and vary depending on the quality of materials used in the construction.

For example, for a quick estimate of the construction of a 100 m2 house, the approximate cost would be €160,000. To this amount should be added the cost of the urbanisation (if necessary), the cost of the technical project and the building permit, which is usually around 4% of the cost of the construction and which the client must pay directly to the corresponding council. Taxes not included (normally 10% of the total amount is applied).

* Note: This calculator is not valid to obtain the price of our catalogue homes.

What is a biopassive house?2022-01-26T19:53:04+01:00

A biopassive house is one that meets the construction criteria with an official passive house certificate and also uses natural materials, free of toxins and respectful of the environment and people’s health.

What about bioclimatic house?2022-01-26T19:54:41+01:00

A bioclimatic house seeks the most natural and optimal way to take advantage of the natural resources of the environment, such as orientation, summer and winter sunlight, rainfall and vegetation, among other factors. Ultimately, bioclimatic construction is a way of designing and constructing buildings that are sustainable, efficient and healthy for people.

What is a passive house with Passivhaus/ Passive House certification?2022-01-26T19:57:38+01:00

A house built with Passivhaus certification or Passive House (in english) is a type of house created to maintain ideal atmospheric conditions and comfort in its interior, resulting in annual energy savings of between 70% and 90% compared to a conventional house.

These constructions have optimal thermal insulation in their exterior walls, high performance doors and windows with thermal bridge break and mechanical ventilation with double flow heat recovery that guarantees the quality of the interior air without the need to ventilate by opening windows.

What is a high performance house?2022-01-26T19:59:30+01:00

For Ekoiba, a high performance home is a healthy, ecological, sustainable home built mainly with wood, with any type of passive construction certification, such as Passivhaus, Breem, LEED or WELL.

The housing installations are highly energy efficient, preferably using a hot and cold air-conditioning system with aerothermics and photovoltaic solar panels.

There is the possibility of installing home automation systems to build a smart home.

In addition, we pay special attention to people’s health, installing a heat recovery system to guarantee the quality of the indoor air and we avoid the use of materials that are harmful and invasive to our health, such as solvents, paints and chemical products.

Are all your homes high performance?2022-01-26T20:02:25+01:00

Yes, although each project is unique and we personalise the home according to the client’s needs.

I have made a simulation of the estimated budget for my future home using your online calculator. What is the next step?2022-01-26T20:06:59+01:00

Once you have filled in the budget form on our website with the details of your future ideal home, an email will be sent to our projects department, who will contact you to hold a personal or virtual meeting to get to know your needs. Once this specific information has been provided, we will provide you with an economic viability study that is more in line with your ideal home.

I want to build rooms for a camping / glamping project, is the price the same as for a detached house?2022-01-26T21:14:15+01:00

No, the price is different because the characteristics of the structures are also different. If you are looking for a type of construction such as rural accommodations, rooms for eco hotels, capsules for glampins, etc… you should contact our technical department to assess your needs and get a personalised service, as the calculator is only for single-family dwellings.

Do you carry out the design, construction and all the necessary procedures?2022-01-26T21:15:05+01:00

Yes, in Ekoiba we offer an comprehensive and personalised service for each project, from the initial concept to the handing over of the keys of the house, completely finished and ready to move in. Even in any autonomous community of the country.

I have an architectural project to be built with traditional materials, can you modify the project to be built with wood and ecological materials?2022-01-26T21:16:25+01:00

Yes, our technical project department can modify it to build your home with a wooden structure and ecological materials.

How long does it take to build a house with your team?2022-01-26T21:18:30+01:00

It will depend on the model chosen from our catalogue or if it is a home designed from scratch according to your needs. For most of the designs, we have an estimated construction time of 4 to 6 months, without taking into account the time required to obtain and apply for the building permit, which may vary depending on each local council.

Can I personalise my home to my own taste?2022-01-26T21:19:14+01:00

Of course you can. All the models in the catalogue can be customised to the client’s taste and, if it is a home designed from scratch, our technical department will advise you and you will take the project together until the final phase and its construction.

And what aspects can be personalised?2022-01-26T21:21:14+01:00

Practically all of them. From the distribution of the home, to the installations and lighting.

We also give you the option of choosing the interior and exterior finishes and cladding, taps and sanitary ware and electrical appliances.

What type of foundations do you use for your houses?2022-01-26T21:23:47+01:00

Although the type of foundation can be different in each project depending on the type of land and its topography, at Ekoiba we prioritise the installation of recoverable steel piles, being this a recyclable system in the future, also creating the minimum impact for the land and the environment.

Do you install photovoltaic solar panels in all your projects?2022-01-26T21:25:07+01:00

Yes, ekoiba recommends the installation of photovoltaic panels for the generation of green energy in all cases, but its cost is not included in the price per m2 of the basic configuration of the house.

Are the interior finishes always made of wood?2022-01-26T21:26:05+01:00

No, there are different types of interior finishes so that the client can decide the finish for each room. We always recommend the use of noble materials such as wood, cork, natural fibres, etc., and always avoid the use of materials such as plasterboard, mortars, concretes, etc.

Is the wood used in your projects from responsibly managed forests?2022-01-26T21:27:50+01:00

Of course, at Ekoiba we are 100% committed to sustainability and forest management, therefore, all the wood we use in our projects comes from responsibly managed forests and has PEFC or FSC certification.

What are the advantages and benefits of timber construction over traditional construction?2022-01-26T21:31:28+01:00

There are many advantages of building with wood over traditional construction, such as:

1.- Wood is an ecological and sustainable material and helps to combat climate change.

2.- Due to its properties, it is an excellent material for energy saving and thermal insulation of buildings.

3.- It does not release toxic gases and it is not harmful to our health during its useful life.

4.- It is a noble material that serves as interior and exterior cladding and at the same time generates warmth in the rooms of the house.

5.- It helps to better integrate our buildings into their surroundings.

6.- We can save large amounts of interior cladding if the house is designed correctly and its material is both used for the structure and the interior cladding material.

7.- It is a material with excellent features for construction and the creation of structures, it is also a flexible material that behaves very well in the event of earthquakes or fire, unlike other rigid materials such as concrete, steel or brick.

Can the catalogue houses be transported from one place to another once they have been built?2022-01-26T21:33:21+01:00

In general, they are not designed to be moved because they are mainly built in two phases. The first phase is the manufacture in the factory and the assembly of the structure on site. The second phase consists in the assembly of the installations and finishes on site, which makes it difficult to move them once they have been built.

In order to make the house mobile, you must tell our technical department beforehand so that it can incorporate a structure capable of withstanding future displacements.

I want to build a house on a plot where I do not have connection to a general water supply system. Can I obtain water for human consumption by other means?2022-01-26T21:34:13+01:00

Yes, we can install an underground well to obtain legal drinking water for your home.

Do the bathrooms and kitchen come equipped?2022-01-26T21:34:54+01:00

Yes, all the bathrooms and the kitchen are equipped so that you don’t have to worry about anything when you move in.

What is included in the cost of the project?2022-01-26T22:01:42+01:00

The cost of the project includes the technical and optional fees for the development of the project for your home, the fees for the interior design project and the project management of the architect and technical architect. Also included are the costs of the project approval by the corresponding professional body.

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